HISTORYHistory of Sendzimir Japan, Ltd.

SENDZIMIR JAPANOnly one company in Japan who officially succeeds Dr. Sendzimir’s manufacturing of Sendzimir mill

The Sendzimir mill was invented by Dr. Tadeusz Sendzimir and is an excellent rolling mill that was once said to be one of the 20 major inventions in the United States. Sendzimir Japan, Ltd. (abbreviated as “SEJAL”) is company in charge of the engineering, delivery and commissioning of Sendzimir mills and was established in 1962 as a joint venture between T. Sendzimir Inc., USA, Sojitz Corporation (formerly Iwai Sangyo Co., Ltd.) and Hitachi, Ltd..

Sendzimir mills are famous for their ability to realize efficient rolling result by the high rigid mill housing with small diameter work rolls. The functions of AS-U and lateral shifting of intermediate roll result in the achievement of accurate shape control.

SEJAL supply a number of rolling mills to the field of cold rolling such as stainless steel, special steel, copper and copper alloys, silicon steel, etc. and the Sendzimir mills supplied by SEJAL have been in operation in a number of countries in the world.

Dr. T. Sendzimir(1894-1989)

1st ZRM in Poland (1931)

HISTORY History of Sendzimir Japan, Ltd.

April 1955 Iwai Sangyo (now known as Sojitz) / Hitachi, Ltd. / Nippon Teppan (former Nisshin Steel, now Nippon Steel Stainless Steel) visited T. Sendzimir,Inc., USA.
1956 T. Sendzimir,Inc., and Iwai Sangyo signed a technology licensing agreement (Sojitz still licensee)

June 1958 : Japan's first domestic 20 high mill started operation at Nanyo Works of Nippon Teppan.

June 1958 The first Sendzimir mill in Japan started operation (formerly Nippon Teppan Nanyo Works) and received orders for Sendzimir mills from many customers.
October 1962 Sendzimir Japan, Ltd. was established in 1962 as a joint venture between Iwai Sangyo Corporation, T. Sendzimir Inc., USA and Hitachi, Ltd.
October 1965 Established a technical tie-up with Koyo Seiko Co., Ltd. (now known as JTEKT Corporation) to produce backing bearing assemblies in Japan
November 1974 Completed construction of the Sendzimir Japan building.

October 2012 Held 50th anniversary celebration.
June 2021 Cumulative supply Number of Sendzimir 20 high mills 111 stands, Z-High mills 31 stands, total of 142 stands
June 2022 Puchased own stocks from T.Sendzimir, Inc. ,while Tokyo Small and Medium business Investiment & Consultation Co.,Ltd. and Company's Shareholding Association participated as shareholders
September 2022 Cumulative supply Number of Sendzimir 20 high mills 117 stands, Z-High mills 31 stands, total of 148 stands
December 2022 Moved to Shinkawa(Kayabacho), Chuo Ward, Tokyo

SOLUTIONThe technology of Sendzimir mills is in such a place.

electronic devices
Automotive electrical components
Semiconductor parts
semiconductor lead frames