Sendzimir Japan, Ltd. was established in 1962 as a joint venture company of three corporations: Iwai Sangyo Co., Ltd. (now known as Sojitz Corporation), T. Sendzimir, Inc., USA and Hitachi Ltd. (now the rolling machinery division of Hitachi Ltd. known as Primetals Technologies Japan, Ltd.(Formerly Mitsubishi-Hitachi Metals Machinery, Inc.))

‘Sendzimir Japan, Ltd.’ was named after the inventor; Dr. Tadeusz Sendzimir.

Since the foundation, we have supplied a lot of Sendzimir mills to the field of the strip cold rolling of metals such as stainless steel, special steel, copper and copper alloys and silicon steel etc.

Such Sendzimir mills were designed based on T. Sendzimir Inc.’s rolling technology as well as technology newly improved and developed by Sendzimir Japan, Ltd. and Primetals Technologies Japan, Ltd.(Formerly Mitsubishi-Hitachi Metals Machinery, Inc.)

We are proud that, thanks to our attitude of always having a challenge spirit and faithfully adhering to our promise of providing high quality, we have been able to continue business for almost half century, exclusively in the field of Sendzimir mills.

We are very much obliged for the support you have extended to us.
We intend to remain devoted to offering products that satisfy our customers, by maintaining our feeling of gratitude and tackling ever higher challenges.

In recent years, in an era of digital transformation (DX), electric automobiles (EV)/ weight reduction, clean energy for decarbonization and energy efficiency improvement, a demand for harder, thinner, and higher precision rolling materials is rapidly increasing.

We will keep contributing to the benefit of society by supplying high quality products through the Sendzimir mill business.

President Hidehiro Suzuki


Corporate name Sendzimir Japan, Ltd.
Location 6th Floor, KDX Higashikayabacho Sanyo Bldg.,1-17-25, Shinkawa, Chuo Ward, Tokyo 104-0033 Japan
TEL: 81-3-6222-9650 FAX:81-3-6222-9651
Established October 29, 1962
Capital 100 million yen
Stocks issued: 100,000
(Sojitz Machinery: 42,000, Tokyo Small and Medium business Investment & Consultation Co.Ltd. 42,000,
Hitachi Ltd.: 10,000, Company's Shareholding Association 3,000)
Annual turnover Approx. 2 billion yen
Purposes Design and technical direction for the operation of various rolling machines and accessories.
Manufacture and sale of various rolling machines, accessories, and parts.
Reference banks Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd., Horidome Branch
Mizuho Bank, Ltd., Yokoyamacho Branch
The Asahi Shinkin Bank, Toyoshimacho Branch
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Kanda Branch
Resona Bank Ltd. Tokyo-chuo Branch


October 1962 Established at Nihonbashi, Tokyo.
October 1965 Started domestic manufacture of the Backing Bearing Assembly in a tie-up with Koyo Seiko Co., Ltd.. (now known as JTEKT Corporation)
March 1968 Delivered our 1st automatic egg cooker and entered the food processing industry for diversification.
May 1972 Held our 10th anniversary celebration at the Palace Hotel.
November 1974 Completed construction of the Sendzimir Japan building.
August 1977 Moved the headquarters to the Sendzimir Japan building.
1981 Delivered new models of the Z-Hi Mills to Tokushu Kinzoku Kogyo Co., Ltd. and Takasago Tekko K.K..
October 1982 Held our 20th anniversary celebration at the Nisho-Iwai Building.
1987 Exported Z-Hi Mill to Korea (our first export)
May 1990 Installed GM-100 CAD
May 1990 Increased our capitalization to 100 million yen.
June 1991 Delivered the 1st machine with the Double Power Crown to Nippon Metal Industry Corporation.
August 1992 First export of a Z-Hi Mill to Taiwan.
October 1992 Held our 30th anniversary celebration.
January 1993 Received approval to operate a machine installation business.
December 1998 Delivered the 1st FSBA device to Nisshin Steel Co., Ltd.
Contracted to export first 4 feet mill on turnkey base to ACERINOX, Spain.
October 2002 Published "Forty years of Sendzimir Japan history"
February 2007 Contracted to export first 5 feet mill to North American Stainless.
July 2007 Our 20-high mill achieved the fastest rolling speed ever in the world, at 1,000 m/min., in Kobe Steel Ltd. Chofu plant.
June 2009 Delivered the 1st 20 High Mill for palladium.
October 2010 Delivered 20 High Mill for copper and copper alloys to Poongsan, Korea.
October 2012 Delivered the 1st reversible 20 High Mill for molybdenum.
October 2012 Held our 50th anniversary celebration and published “50 years of advances by Sendzimir Japan”
2017 Carried out 20 high mill large-scale revamping for Kawasaki Works of Nippon Yakin Kogyo Co., Ltd.
20 high mill large-scale revamping for Hyundai BNG Steel in Korea carried out.
2018 Delivered 20 High Mill for stainless steel to Ningbo Qiyi Precision Metal in China.
2019 Delivered 20 High Mill to Itabashi works of Nippon Kinzoku Co., Ltd.
2020 Delivered Z High Mill for stainless steel to Kaishin Industry Co., Ltd.
2022 Delivered 20 high mill to Itabashi works of Nippon Kinzoku Co.,Ltd.
2022 Deliver 20 high mill for copper alloy to Iwata works of Dowa Metanix Co.Ltd.
December 2022 Moved to Shinkawa(Kayabasho), Chuo Ward, Tokyo


Nearest station

Tokyo Metro Subway Hibiya Line /Tozai Line Kayabacho Station
(about 5-minute walk ) 

Tokyo Metro Subway Hanzomon Line Suitengumae Station
(about 7-minute walk )